How does AppJaxx work?

Small businesses just like you are looking for ways to grow their business, and do so without all of the stress of managing their online marketing.
Have you ever wished you could just pick up the phone and talk to the one company that can actually help your business grow?

Let’s all agree, online marketing is a full-time job. And that is why you need a full-time group of experts that understand how to grow your business online. Your AppJaxx team of professionals uses their extensive industry experience to map out a plan that works for you.We believe your business benefits when you utilize all marketing methods, not just one or two. AppJaxx provides you with all the services you need, under one roof.


Learning - During this phase, you’ll fill out a questionnaire specifically designed to allow AppJaxx to better understand your business goals. We will meet with you to ensure that you have a clear picture of what success looks like, and how we can achieve those goals.


Once the learning phase is complete, our team sets up a defined action plan that gets your business moving in the right direction. The plan will be presented to you for approval. Once approved, we are in go-mode.


This is where everything happens for you. After all, you hired us to do the work, so that is exactly what we do. We track everything during this phase. It’s very important for us that we measure our activities to learn what works best for your business.


Managing a successful digital marketing strategy means understanding how to read metrics, which is a fancy way of saying the marketing reports. These reports help us to understand where your ads, marketing, copy, and messaging can be improved.
All improvements move you closer to your goal, which for most of you means getting more business.

Your One-Stop Solution:

AppJaxx provides experts in the following areas of marketing.


Facebook Audience
Growth and Ads


Twitter Audience
Growth and Ads


Instagram Audience


Google & Bing


Search Engine


Inluencer Marketing


App Store


Video, written and
image content

Small Business Budgets

Enterprises services for small business prices.

Finding digital marketers is easy. Finding the quality professionals with
affordable services that deliver on their promises, well... not so much. That’s why AppJaxx has leading professionals that continue to work across
a variety of industries to help our customers expand their brands online.

Our first question to you is what are your goals, not how much is your budget. We listen to our customers to understand how to best help them succeed. Some customers want us to increase their likes on Facebook, while others want to see their ads turn into sales, and some customers just want to increase their brand exposure. All of these customers, of course, want to make more money, so regardless we recognize that more revenue is the overall goal.

What our customers are saying:


Starting at $499

  • Social Growth (more likes, followers and subscribers on your social platforms)
  • Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter ads)
  • SEO (Seach Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search engine marketing) - Google and Bing
  • Influencer marketing (We find the right influencers to share your story)
  • ASO (app store optimization)

Enterprise level marketing
at small business price